*MJ Rating takes into account the superiority of an athlete’s 40yd time, age, and weight combined.

It is more significant for power sports like football, basketball, and lacrosse where fast, heavy athletes are superior.
MJ Rating = SUM(40yd*4)+(Age*3.1)-(Weight/5)
An overall lower number = better MJ rating.
The following attributes lead to a lower number:  faster 40yd time, lower age, higher weight.
Statistical Scenarios/Examples:
Two athletes are the same age and run the same 40yd time, but one weighs more. The heavier one gets a better MJ Rating.
One athlete is 9 years old, and one is 10. Weight and 40 yd time are the same for both. The 9 year old gets a better MJ Rating because he is younger.
Two athletes are the same age. One is slightly heavier than the other, but even so; the lighter one has a grossly faster 40yd time and is therefore assigned a higher MJ Rating.
Two athletes are the same age. One has a slightly faster 40yd time, but even so; the slower one is grossly heavier and is therefore assigned a higher MJ Rating.

Winter Showdown Test Results Jan 5th 2019

First NameLast NamePicNumberMJ Rating1st 40 Time2nd 40 Time1st Shuttle 2nd ShuttleBest VerticalBest Ball TossWeight
Danny Dietrich 6441.66.957.026.36.1616.818.3147
Nicholas McAloney65336.056.035.475.4418.323.9172
Darius Morant6628.74.895.025.064.9428.231.5154
Chad Case7128.184.914.675.094.8428.927.6154
Drew McKittrick8929.55.155.315.065.0323.626.4156
Zachary Perri9328.95.875.795.45.4119.223.4171
Kyle Russo9529.55.755.725.65.8218.521.6168
Garbiel Ciancio10222.36.526.185.975.9116.819.7212
Jaylin Ballew10327.75.375.325.355.1321.423.7169
Thomas Johnson10434.25.825.915.535.561819.4131
Camelo Pace10541.25.675.325.136.320.11586
Nick Parisi10633.25.885.845.695.9716.318.9136
Thomas Mancini10733.25.775.825.125.3421.318.6134
Christian Smiley10837.
Julian Coscia10923.66.256.315.945.7517.221.9192
Jake Coronato11037.16.826.825.876.121516.9121
Lucas Russo11128.56.816.845.876.121516.9164
Preston “PJ” Carey11226.16.356.375.785.8116.518.7166
Clint Chichester11324.76.326.285.725.9716.118.9171
Gavin German11429.96.346.0765.8116.120.2141
Daniel Garcia11532.66.456.445.95.8819.419.9120
Sincere Stallings116345.986.325.815.921.217.6103
Marcelino Ducasse11835.56.356.175.595.7216.813.684
Joseph Altamura11930.85.785.755.385.3422.621132
Gavin Holman12033.85.975.795.505.5618.520.8145
Andrew Kaiser12115.
Thomas Lambrinon12245.46.827.236.346.514.513.195
Thomas Bacon12332.45.585.825.225.3119.223.6134
Darien Oliphant12434.
Justin Marcia12532.
Andrew Thompson12632.56.085.735.375.6622.425122
Prestige Recruits 2019 Showdown Clinic Results Jan 5th 2019 Westbury, NY


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